Usui Reiki

Reiki is a powerful, spiritual system and natural energy healing modality. The word Reiki is derived from the Japanese characters ‘Rei’ meaning God/ Spirit/ Source and ‘Ki’ meaning life force energy or prana. So, Reiki means Divine life force energy from God. Reiki is channeled from source by the practionner and is used to treat either in a hands on method or through intention. A Reiki healing is an integrated holistic one, addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Reiki was discovered and developed by Dr. Mikao Usui who was a Japanese Buddhist monk in 1922. It was brought to the western world by Hawayo Takata in Hawaii in 1937. Since then, it has flourished into a vibrant and varied community of practice around the world. Despite the many variations, four aspects are common to all forms of Reiki: the ability to perform it requires an attunement; all techniques are part of a lineage and are passed from teacher to student through an attunement; it does not require the practionner to guide it using the mind as it is guided by the higher powers; it can do no harm.

Our lineage is that of the Usui Reiki tradition and consists of 5 levels:

  1. Level 1 l Shoden l Physical Cleansing: focuses on the body’s energy system, self-healing and taking ownership of one’s own health and well-being. After this level students may heal others and animals.
  2. Level 2 l Okuden l Mental Cleansing: teaches the first 3 symbols, how to magnify the Reiki energy and send Reiki at a distance. Traditionally, this level would not be offered unless the student displayed energy sensing abilities.
  3. Level 3a l Shinpiden l Spiritual Cleansing: includes the Usui Master Symbol. This is the practitioner level and the second level is the teacher/ mastership level. Traditionally, it was offered to very few students.
  4. Level 3b l Esoteric Awareness l Mastership: enables the practionner to teach the first two levels of Reiki, and attune students into Reiki. Mastership is not for meant for everyone. It is for those who love Reiki, for whom Reiki has changed their lives, their worldview and philosophy, who want to teach other to pass on and spread the light.
  5. Level 4 l Grand Mastership: complete metaphysical and spiritual transformation, which is a preparation for ascension.

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