The Alchemical Sacred Oils of Isis & Sekhmet (Egyptian Temple Tradition) – Sacred Oils 1

The Alchemical Sacred Oils of Isis & Sekhmet (Egyptian Temple Tradition) – Sacred Oils 1

This class will cover 18 different sacred oils, how to use them as well as the ancient Egyptian Temple celestial medicine traditions. The Egyptian temples had a Mistress of the Oils, and she was responsible for creating oil blends that would raise humans from material to the divine. This tradition ties closely with the divine feminine and is believed to be a part of the High Priestess traditions along the pathway of the Mary Magdalene lineage.

The Sacred Oils class is an 18-week journey post the class where you spend a week with each of the Sacred Oils. Each oil will come into your life to heal an aspect of you. Bring more awareness of yourself, your resistance, guide you, protect you. And heal you. A lot of this knowledge comes from the Mystery Schools. We don’t choose the path of the Oils. They choose us. We learn how to blend these oils and use them to journey with. They profoundly and deeply change your life. The 18 oils we work with are extremely rare oils but have been used across cultures as varied as Japan, Egypt, Madagascar, India, Mexico, Iran, South Africa.

These oils are master teachers -0 Enlightened Souls that have descended into our realm to do light work on this planet – Inducing past life memory, opening and closing portals, sacred journeying, connecting to the angels, healing karma, working with the etheric body, healing auric tears, gatekeeper oils into other worlds and many more beautiful abilities await. Work with Sacred Oils is very very soul searingly powerful. It can cause tremendous awakening and shedding. It can cause us to see the mirror but always with love and kindness.

Eligibility Criteria

a deep calling to work with the Master of the Oils

Materials/ Tools Required

Sacred Oils kit (INR 27,500 + GST)

Energy Exchange: INR 18,500 + 18% GST