Sacred Oils – Doorways of the head & body

Sacred Oils – Doorways of the head & body

This is a body work class that delves into the Myrrophore tradition of working with the Sacred Oils via doorway points that enable release and healing. It is meant for those who have a deep connection with and calling to this work, for whom it is a part of their Divine Destiny. You will learn how to do healings for others using the Sacred Oils, how to identify and work with the sacred doorways within the body that serve as portals to Spirit.

Eligibility Criteria

Sacred Oils 1 and subsequent 18 weeks journey with the Oils

Materials/ Tools Required

Kit of 18 Sacred Oils, Sacred Hemp, Sacred Olive, massage table

Date: 15 & 16 March 2024
Venue: Mumbai
Energy Exchange: INR 21,000 + 18% GST