ONLINE REVIEW – Buddhist Tantric Karuna Reiki (Level 1)

ONLINE REVIEW – Buddhist Tantric Karuna Reiki (Level 1)

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Karuna Reiki ® is a Reiki system based of healing developed by William Lee Rand in 1995. Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassionate action. Karuna Reiki opens the practionner up to offering compassionate action to others and also becoming more receptive to the compassionate action of enlightened and ascended beings who are working with Earth and humanity. The first level of the Karuna system teaches us how to heal at a cellular level, healing past life issues, releasing karma, breaking negative patterns, healing the the shadow self.

Eligibility Criteria

Usui Reiki level 2

Date: 27, 28 July 2024
Venue: Mumbai in person
Energy Exchange: 16,500(GST Included)