Quantom Akasha DNA

Quantom Akasha DNA

This brand-new modality is meant for advanced practitioners who have been working with the Akashic records regularly. It builds on knowledge and practice of Akashic Records to deepen healing and Soul evolution possibilities through Quantum Fields, Dimensional Frequencies, Intent and Consciousness. Science and spirituality merge in order to further our understanding of disease, epigenetics, sacred geometry, DNA, shadows, trauma, amongst much else. We learn powerful ascension teachings that enable transmutations of all limitations, resistance and self sabotage to heal ourselves and others and live in alignment with our Soul’s Blueprint. We learn what it means to practically and authentically take responsibility for our past, present and future and live in resonance with our highest best.

Eligibility Criteria

Mayan Akasha Part 1 and consistent practice of Akasha clearning

Materials/ Tools Required

lepidolite palm stone, record keeper crystal, Akasha Sacred Oil

Venue: Online
Energy Exchange: INR 21,000 + 18% GST