Mysteries of Mer, Water Priestess

Mysteries of Mer, Water Priestess

This class explores the science and spirituality of water. What are the Living Waters Jesus spoke about? Why do we immerse ourselves in the river Ganga and how does that cleanse our sins? Why is the Ganga able to purify us? Is it a coincidence that we are 70% water and so is the Earth? We are born as 99% water and by the time we die we lose about 35% of that water – why and where does it go?

Water has always been used to store wisdom encodings in it/ from ancient times, every culture in the world, every religion, every indigenous people have revered water. This is the most potent fluid for healing – we have water all around us and we are made of water. Mer means water. As a sentient being water can become dead is treated poorly. To truly understand our own bodies, take charge of our health, and understand our spirituality, we need to delve deep into the mysteries of water and change our relationship with it.

We will learn how to work with water and crystals to make crystal elixirs as part of our work with water.

Materials/ Tools Required

double terminated clear quartz

Venue: Online
Energy Exchange: INR 6,500 + 18% GST