Mayan Akasha Part 1

Mayan Akasha Part 1

The Akashic Records are an etheric library of all thoughts, feelings and actions, past, present and future. This class explores the esoteric and spiritual significance of the Records, and how we can work with them to understand the roots of our thoughts, belief systems, behavioral patterns, and current life experiences. We learn how to access the Records via the Quantum Field, merging all our energies into the heart. We deeply surrender to the Quantum Field in order to access information, process it, feel gratitude for all possibilities, transcend limitations and shift from resistance to surrender. We learn to ask and receive the guidance we need from the Lords of Akasha and Masters so that we may lead a life in alignment with our highest good, true potential and Soul Blueprint.

Materials/ Tools Required

A record keeper crystal,

Akasha Sacred Oil

Date: 22, 23 & 24 November 2024
Venue: Online
Energy Exchange: INR 18,000 + 18% GST