Magnified Healing™

Magnified Healing™ of the God Most High of the Universe was gifted to humanity by Mother Kwan Yin, Boddhisattva and Goddess of Mercy, Compassion and Forgiveness. Transmitted to Rev. Kathryn Anderson (late) and Rev. Gisele King (late) directly by Kwan Yin, Magnified Healing™ assists in the ascension of the Earth and all living beings. It is co-created energy that enables the practionner to operate from the heart-space; develop the qualities of Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power; heal themselves, others and the planet. Magnified Healing ™ is taught in 4 phases:

  1.  First Phase Workshop (Phase 1): learning the practice of Magnified Healing™, using all aspects of healing such as sacred geometry, breathing, affirmations, and meditation. A certificate is issued at the end of the class which allows the student to practice as well as teach the first phase. Taught over a minimum of 16 hours and 2 consecutive days, and can be conducted online or in person.
  2.  Celebration: a ceremony to experience the energy of Magnified Healing™ that is open to all, whether they are practionners of Magnified Healing™ or not. In the Celebration, students learn to use their bodies to become a Temple of Healing, using sound, affirmations, prayers, sacred geometry, colours, and movement. This is a one day in person workshop.This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department.
  3.  Light Healing Practioner Workshop (Phase 3): with the guidance of Mother Kwan Yin, the Light Healing method is a gift of energy and wisdom from Lord Melchizedek. Students are taught advanced cosmic knowledge, initiated into the energy of the Sevenfold Flame of the Elohim, and the Cosmic Violet Fire to co-create laser beams of Light which are used in this healing process. This workshop is taught over a minimum or 18 hours over 2.5 consecutive days, in person.
  4.  Teacher Training (Phase 4): only taught by Grand Master Teachers, this workshop trains students to become teachers for the Phase 3. It in an in depth, intensive study that requires months of pre-work and assignments. We dive deep into spiritual teachings and concepts, Sacred Names and Expressions, and many additional tools. The initiation at the end of the workshop is a Holy Spirit initiation, which is most sacred and profound. Once initiated and certified, students are immediately empowered to teach the 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing’ Practitioner workshop all over the world. This workshop is taught over 5 days, in person.

Magnified Healing™ is taught in several languages across the world. Its headquarters are in Florida, and there are 7 Country Representatives located across the planet. I am a Magnified Healing Grandmaster and serve as the official India Representative:

More information can be found on the official Magnified Healing Website: and the Magnified India Website:

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