Magick Modalities

At its essence, magick transcends the conventional understanding of natural laws, invoking the direction of energy and consciousness to manifest desired outcomes. Unlike stage magic, which relies on illusion and sleight of hand, magick operates on the premise that the universe is permeated with a subtle web of energies, life force, prana, chi is the universal building block of all creation and thus responsive to the intentions and willpower of the practitioner.

The history of magick is as rich and diverse as the tapestry of human civilization itself, weaving through ancient cultures, mystical traditions, and esoteric movements across the globe – the rituals of shamanic tribes, the mysteries of Egyptian priesthood, the incredible mythology of Ancient India, Celtic witchcraft and Druidry, magick has left an indelible mark on human consciousness, shaping religious beliefs, cultural practices, and philosophical discourse.

Magick modalities encompass a diverse array of practices, including divination, herbalism, healing, ritualistic ceremonies, and the invocation of spirits and deities. Rituals and ceremonies were conducted to honor the cycles of nature, mark important milestones in the agricultural calendar, and seek guidance, protection, and blessings from the gods and goddesses.

As spiritual aspirants, the magickal knowledge, wisdom and inquiry is embarking on a journey of discovery into the realms of possibility, where the boundaries between the known and the unknown blur, and the potential for transformation knows no bounds.

The teachings in Magick Modalities include:

  1.  Magick, Mystery & the Alchemy of Crystals
  2.  Dragons
  3.  Merlin & Druid Magick
  4.  Nagas

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