Ancient Goddess Traditions

Through the annals of human history, the worship of goddesses occupies a prominent place, reflecting humanity & profound reverence for the Divine Feminine. Ancient goddess traditions represent a profound and enduring legacy of human spirituality, embodying the wisdom, beauty, and power of the divine feminine. From the sacred temples of ancient Egypt to the misty forests of Celtic Europe, goddesses have been revered and worshipped by countless cultures and civilizations throughout history, offering guidance, inspiration, and solace to humanity in times of joy and sorrow.

The Goddess is a paradoxical figure, embodying the duality of existence, embracing both light and dark, life and death, love and strife, capable of nurturing and destroying, creating and consuming, representative of the full spectrum of human experience. Ancient goddesses manifest in a multitude of forms, each embodying distinct qualities, attributes, and mythological narratives. Whilst revered under various names and guises in different cultures and epochs, they share common themes and archetypal motifs that transcend temporal, cultural, religious and geographical boundaries. Each goddess embodies a unique blend of archetypal qualities and mythological narratives, offering devotees the opportunity to, through her, understand different dimensions of the self, receive guidance, inspiration, and solace in their spiritual quest.

Studying the mysteries of ancient goddess traditions is an invitation to rediscover the sacredness of the Earth, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the transformative potential of the divine feminine within ourselves and the world.

As spiritual seekers when we embark upon inquiry into these sacred traditions, we go far beyond discovering their identities, forms, symbolism and mythology. We delve deep into a cellular level understanding of the central tenets of their teachings and wisdom, we learn what it means to cultivate a relationship with them rooted in true love and full surrender, we practice fully embodied worship with the goal of ascension – our own, others’ and that of the planet.

The teachings in the Ancient Goddess include:

  1.  Sri Vidya & the Shakti traditions
  2.  Mariam Magdalene & the Myrrophore traditions
  3.  Alchemical Sacred Oils of Isis & Sekhmet (Egyptian temple tradition)
  4.  Spiritual Doorways of the Head, Body, Navel- Myrrophore traditions
  5.  Death and Dying- Psychopomp work, helping with soul transitions
  6.  Delving deep into the portal of Life – the Nabi
  7.  Mysteries of Mer, Water Priestesses
  8.  Sacred Womb – Reaching the Cosmic Mother

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