Mayan Akasha

The Akashic Records are a universal etheric record of all thoughts, feelings, intents, actions, events of all life forms, in the past, present, and future across timelines and dimensions. Much like holograms, the records are encoded vibrationally into the fabric of space and can be ‘read’ or perceived.  Overseen by Master Thoth, Scribe of the Gods and bringer of all knowledge to the Cosmos, the records are an invaluable wealth of information that enables a seeker to understand their patterns, life events, and experiences through the lens of incarnations and possibilities across lives, transcending the time-space continuum. Akasha is taught and practiced in different ways across the world. Here, we go beyond awareness and information to clear and heal in the quantum field using techniques and tools inspired by ancient Mayan practices, Gestalt, Alchemy, breathwork, and plant spirit medicine.

The following courses are taught through the Akasha:

  1.  Mayan Akashik Records: focused on accessing and healing with the Records
  2.  Quantom Akasha DNA: focused on healing in the quantum field

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